Hard Water Conditioner

क्या आप भी परेशान हैं ज़मीन के भारी पानी से होने वाले नुकसान से ?

INDIA’S BEST HARD WATER SOFTENER: In India, one of the major problems is dealing with hard water. We D’Cal has built a low-cost solution that turns hard water into soft water without the need for expensive treatment plants. Our hard water softener reduces damaging hardness Mineral levels and softens water by making inert Calcium, Magnesium, Iron.

तो अब चिंता छोड़ो हम आपके लिए ले कर आए अति आवश्यक आधुनिक तकनीक से तैयार खारे और भारी पानी को कंडीशनर करने वाला एक ऐसा उत्पाद जिसको एक बार लगा डाला तो Life झींगा ला ला...

भारी पानी और सोफ्टनर पानी की वजह से होने वाले वाले फ़ायदे और नुकसान तस्वीरों की जुबानी…

Uses of Water softner

  • D’Cal is designed for an overhead tank capacity of 1500 litter.
  • It is not designed for using or testing in a bucket of water.
  • The hard water softener attached will remove the minerals from the water before releasing the water from the tap.
  • It is absolutely safe to drink this water. There are no harmful substances in this product.

Hard water Effects

  • Hard water makes it difficult to rinse away soap from the surface of your skin, leaving your skin potentially irritated.
  • Washing your hair frequently with hard water can leave your scalp feeling itchy.
  • Hard water affect on plumbing
  • The high concentration of Calcium and Magnesium makes water hard and its impact can be seen on bathtubs, showers, sinks, and faucets at home,
  • Hard water will cause limescale to build up, eventually clogging the drains and decreasing the water quality.
  • Skin dryness
  • If you have sensitive skin, hard water can make conditions worse by drying out your skin even more.
  • The minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron dry out your skin by clogging the pores

EASY TO INSTALL: Our hard water Softener can be installed easily, it does not need any expert help or a plumber. Just drop this hard water softener in your overhead water tank, it will remove the sticky properties of the calcium and magnesium irons which are responsible for making the water hard. It does not waste any water and does not require any maintenance or electricity.

HIGH QUALITY & LONG LASTING: Our whole house water softener is made of high quality food grade material which is Tasteless, Odourless, and Colourless. Because of high quality materials used, our heavy duty hard water softener lasts for a long time of 10-12 months depending on water usage.

BENEFITS: We know that use of hard water can cause hair- fall, dry skin, damage to your bathroom fittings, can make white rings and limescale deposits in the bathroom, Appliances using Bore water like Geyser, Washing Machine, etc also deteriorate because of internal damage and corrosion thus reducing their life. All this can be eliminated by using our hard water conditioner.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GURANTEED: We “D’Cal” are here to deliver high-quality and fast shipping products. If you have any questions about our hard water softener please contact us, our customer service will be at your service at any time, we will try our best to guide you. So, grab this D’Cal high quality hard water softener Call Right Now. 96461-74946

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Water Tank Cover

Water Tank Magic Covers & Jackets

क्या आप गर्मी में टंकी के गर्म पानी से परेशान हैं?

Use Water Tank Anti – Heat Cover

उपयोग के फ़ायदे

1. गर्मी और सर्दी में पानी के तापमान को नियंत्रित करता है।

2. सूर्य की गर्मी और प्राबेंगनी किरणों द्वारा होने वाली स्वास्थ संबंधी बीमारियों से बचाव।

3. गर्म पानी से RO के Filter और महंगे उपकरणों को होने वाली क्षति से आने वाले खर्चों में कटौती होती है।

4. बिजली के Bill में भारी बचत।

5. पानी की टंकी की उम्र को बढ़ाता है।

6. Wanter Tank Magic Cover बिना बिजली के कार्य करता है।

7. छिपकली, चूहे, काकरोच आदि जैसे अन्य तरह के जीवों से टंकी का बचाव करता है।

8. लगाने में आसान रख रखाव का भी एक बार खर्चा ।

9. सूर्य की सीधी किरणों के तापमान को लगभग 80% तक कम करने में सक्षम ।

10. आकर्षक रंगो के साथ पानी की टंकी के आकार के अनुसार और सीमेंट की टंकी लिए भी ऑर्डर उपल्ब्ध है।

Get Your Water Tank Cover Delivered Instantly

Step 1

Call Us 96461-74946 Place your Order

Step 2

Bill payment with internet banking/Card

Step 3

Deliver at your doorstep in your city within 3-7 working days

हमारे पास घर में उपयोग होने वाले और भी उत्पाद उपल्ब्ध है, जिनकी फ़ोटो गैलरी में उपल्ब्ध है आप अपनी जरूरत और पसंद के हिसाब से हमसे सीधे कॉल कर के मंगवा सकते हैं।

*नियम एवं शर्तें लागू

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